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Dr. Lauer Medical Update, February 3, 2024

For those of you following, thank you.

For those of you praying, I cannot express words enough to share my appreciation.

For those offering help, God speed.

3rd chemotherapy dose was Tues Jan 31st. I'm doing well. A little side-effects but not enough to complain. Fatigue mostly. But all of our wonderful patients that needed help this week really energized me, and you all helped make use of precious time that would have been wasted had I just been sitting home.

We completed 3 out of 12 chemo treatments, so we're 25% through it !

I feel like the medication is working as my cancer's symptoms have lessened.

Restaging scans will occur next at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota Feb 20-21. I'll be gone from the office Feb 19-22 for travel and doctor visits. We see patients Friday Feb 23rd and Sat 24th. Dr. Kevyn Comstock from St Joseph Hospital is helping cover patients Thursday Feb 22.

The plan remains for radiation therapy to precede surgery in the late-spring / early-summer, and the Whipple-procedure should occur by mid to late-summer 2024.

Dr. Aaron Karmes is covering the office in-person every chemotherapy treatment (every other Tues: Feb 13, 27, March 12, 26, Apr 9, 23, May 7, 21, and finally Jun 4).

Dr. Comstock is covering the office in-person Feb 15 and Feb 22.

Thank you for following, for your support and your positive energy.

Sincerest regards,

Adam L.

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